Online volunteering

Even if you are stuck at home, opportunities are available to give back to others. The projects suggested below are all family-friendly activities.


BBC shares an article about Canada’s “caremongering” trend to help vulnerable people in their community. The article includes ideas to bring caremongering to your own community through social media.

Friendly “Visiting” by Phone

Although you can’t visit the elderly right now, your local nursing home may be willing to set up phone calls with their residents. This is a great project for the entire family.

Ideas for Kids and Teens

Points of Light offers ideas to engage children and teens in at-home service projects during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kid-Driven Donations

While kids are spending more time at home, perhaps they can earn extra allowance for additional chores. They can then spend time researching reputable non-profits and determine where to donate their extra savings.

Mutual Aid

People in cities around the country are setting up Mutual Aid groups of the young, healthy, and not at risk to help bring food and services to people who shouldn’t be in public at all.

Volunteer Skills Virtually

Many non-profit organizations are looking for individuals with certain skill sets to help with projects. Catchafire has compiled a list of opportunities for volunteers to help these organizations virtually.

Walking for Charity

People are taking advantage of the nice weather and walking in their neighborhoods or parks as a way to leave the house. Charity Miles allows you to choose a charity and any physical activity earns proceeds to be donated to your favorite cause.

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*denotes resources that are specific to the outbreak and may not be available when the crisis is over.